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Termite - Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

Termite inspections are required for anyone buying/selling a home throughout the Sebring, Avon Park, Lorida, Lake Placid, Venus, Frost Proof, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Babson Park, Polk County and Highlands County areas. Usually when an offer on a home has been made and accepted the termite inspection should be completed within a few days. A thorough termite inspection lets the buyer know if there is any termite damage to the home and if it needs to be treated. If the home has termites and it is not treated it can continue to cause significant damage to the home.

Professional, Certified, Affordable Termite Inspections

Our termite inspectors are certified by the State of Florida, which means they bring proven expertise and experience with every visit, allowing us to provide top quality termite inspections you can trust. We combine our professionalism with a high level of customer service by responding to customers quickly, maintaining excellent communication with our clients, and returning the termite inspection report within 24 hours provided it isn't a holiday or a weekend.

At Haynes Pest Control, we take pride in building relationships with our costumers and realtors. Almost all new business for HPC is by customer referral.

Our Complete Termite - Wood Destroying Pest Inspection Process

A Haynes Pest Control state certified termite inspector will inspect all areas of the home or building. The inspector will check for termites along the baseboards, in the closets, around window and door casings. The inspector will check all areas of the interior of the home including the attic or in some cases a crawlspace if it has one. Once the inspector has done the termite inspection on the interior he then moves to the outside checking the fascias, door & widow casings. He is looking for evidence of termites (wings, frass (termite excrement) damaged wood, mud tubes, etc.) If there is any wood decay (rotting wood) or any evidence that termites may be present it is noted on the report. Once the inspection is complete the inspector will prepare a written report with the findings of the inspection. If evidence of termites are found a bid for corrective treatment is also included.

A typical termite inspection takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Pricing for most homes is around $60* Pricing for commercial buildings, a duplex, or large homes can vary depending on how long the inspection may take

I Don't Have a Wooden Home. Do I Still Need a Termite Inspection?

Often homeowners are under the assumption that a concrete block homes cannot get termites. Unfortunately, this is not true. Ninety percent of the homes built in Florida are completely wood framed. All of the walls, door and Window casings are made of wood, which means there is a potential for termites. Concrete construction can also develop cracks and it only take 1/68 of an inch for a termite to gain access into a home.

To Schedule a Termite Inspection, Call Haynes Pest Control Today at 1-844-887-PEST (Toll Free) or 863-382-2272 For an Appointment. You May Also Contact Us Any Time Using Our Online Form to Request a Price Quote.