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German Roach Infestations

The German cockroach is the most common roach found in homes, apartments, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals and other buildings where food is stored, prepared or served.  It is not uncommon for these roaches to be found in the Sebring, Avon Park, Lorida, Lake Placid, Venus, Frost Proof, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Babson Park, Polk County and Highlands County areas.  These roaches eat food of all kinds and may hitchhike into a property on sacks of potatoes or onions, soft drink cartons, egg, cartons, used furniture, beer cases, etc.  In addition to being unsightly, roaches can contaminate food with bacteria that may cause food poisoning, dysentery, or diarrhea. Adult German Cockroaches can be identified by their oval shape, light brown or tan coloration, and two black horizontal stripes immediately behind the head.

Roach Treatment - Safe, Effective and Affordable for Commercial and Residential Properties

The key to controlling cockroaches with insecticides is to place the insecticides directly where the cockroaches are hiding. Haynes Pest Control are experts at determining the locations where you're having problems and applying the correct treatment product, in the correct amount, to those particular areas.  Places that are often the most effective to treat include roach hiding places such as loose baseboards or molding strips and around pipes or conduits along the walls and through them.  Additional locations such as the kitchen sink or drain board, cracks underneath cupboards and cabinets, inside the motor compartment of mechanical refrigerators, behind window and door frames, in radio and TV cabinets, and around closet and bookcase shelves are also comon places that roaches may seek refuge and will be treated accordingly.

Are you having a problem with German Roach Infestation at Your Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Medical Facility or Other Commercial Property? Do Not Wait, the Problem Will Only Get Worse. To Schedule a Roach Control Treatment, Call Haynes Pest Control Today at 1-844-887-PEST (Toll Free) or 863-382-2272 For an Appointment. You May Also Contact Us Any Time Using Our Online Form to Request a Price Quote.