German Roaches, They Are Everywhere in Avon Park, Florida

Hi everyone, welcome to bug talk. I’m your host, Ryan Haynes, and I’m here to tell you the top five things you need to know about German roaches. The number one thing you need to know about German roaches is they reproduce quickly. A single egg case can contain up to 40 eggs. Once children roaches are present, the infestation can get out of control quickly. What do German roaches look like? You might ask? They are relatively small when compared to other species of roaches. Many people will call and say they are saying tiny roaches the size of a penny. German roaches are oval shaped. With two distinct parallel dark stripes. They do have wings. But the good news German roaches do not fly identification is important. That’s why it takes the number two spot on a top five this week. Number three on our list this week is that German roaches are nocturnal. Since they are most active at night. People don’t always realize they have an infestation. evening activities consists of searching for food and water. German roaches thrive to warm humid environments. Optimal areas to find German roaches include the kitchen and the bathroom. Any organic material around your home, such as food scraps, and grease provide a German Roach bluff A. The fourth thing you need to know in Sherman roaches can also cause potential health risks. The presence of feces can trigger allergens and asthma in some people to number five today is how to control German roaches. These pesky creatures are highly resilient and can adapt quickly to a changing environment. This ability to puddling will make German roaches difficult to control. A German Roach infestation will be a process and professional help is needed. There are a few things you can do to make your home less inviting for German roaches. Keep your kitchen area clean, and dispose of any organic materials that may entice roaches. Check for water leaks or cracks in your bathroom that may provide a place for German roaches to harbor. Most of all, if you see signs of a potential German Roach infestation, call a professional as soon as possible to come up with a comprehensive plan to eradicate these resilient pests. Thank you for joining us for our top five. We will see you next time. Remember if it crawls or flies, we’re your guys!