German Roach Control




German Roach Control

German Cockroaches may not bite or sting, but worse yet, they pass on bacteria that causes vomiting, fever, diarrhea and the transmission of salmonella. A German Roaches’ main food source is generally garbage found in and around a residential or commercial business as they prefer a warm, moist environment to live in.


This makes German Roaches the most common variety in homes, apartments, supermarkets, hospitals or anywhere where food is stored, prepared or served. German cockroaches may also be introduced into your home from products that are bought from stores that are already infested.These pests may hitchhike onto a property on sacks of potatoes or onions, soft drink cartons, egg, cartons, used furniture, beer cases, etc.

How do you know that your pests are German Cockroaches? They can be identified by their oval shape, light brown or tan coloration, and two black horizontal stripes immediately behind the head.
The key to cockroach control is rooting out the roaches’ nests, placing insecticides directly where they’re hiding. The expertise of Haynes Pest Control means we’ll apply the correct treatment product in the correct amount.
These unwanted guests hide many places, including: loose baseboards, molding strips, around pipes, around conduits along and through the walls, kitchen sinks, drain boards, cracks underneath cupboards and cabinets, inside the motor compartments of fridges, behind window and door frames and in radio and TV cabinets.
With a list this lengthy, it’s important you choose a pest control company that’s thorough and will leave no stone unturned.