Rodent Control




Rodent Control

A rodent in your home or business will feed on anything it can, and will quickly do more harm than you may realize. Worse yet, rats and mice may ruin your insulation or even spread diseases to your pets. If your business needs rodent control, rat or mice extermination, don’t put off a call to Haynes Pest Control. Rodents are a legal liability that comes at a high cost — for health code violations, damages stock, contaminated foods, or other undesirable consequences.

Control rodent problems asap

If you’re a home or business owner, you should have your property inspected regularly — even if you don’t believe you have rodent issues. The sooner you control a rodent problem, the better. We’ll use safe, effective methods to quickly and efficiently rid your home or business of these destructive pests.

Signs of rodents in your home include small dark droppings found along walls or in places where food materials are present. You may also notice chewed holes in boxes and bags of dried goods in your pantry, in pet food bags or in bags of grass seed.

Our rodent control service is based on years of training and experience in rodent trapping, rodent removal and rodent access control, making Haynes Pest Control a trustworthy and dependable pest control company in the Sebring, Florida area. We’re specialists in rooting mice and rats out, and once they’re gone, we’ll do a full evaluation of your property and advise you on the best ways to keep them out.