Flea and Tick Control




Flea and Tick Control

Your pets are sure to thank you for calling Haynes Pest Control if you need a flea and tick treatment. While ticks and fleas can potentially be harmful to humans, it is more common for these pests to become a dangerous nuisance to pets. Ticks are a potential carrier of lyme disease, making it important to limit exposure.
Flea bites cause irritable itching for the host, whether human or animal, and for those sensitive to, or allergic to fleas, the itching can be severe, causing hair loss and potential skin infections.

Fleas rapidly spreads

Some pets are even hypersensitive to flea saliva and will itch all over from the bite of a single flea!
A flea’s reproductive cycle is completed in only two weeks, meaning they will rapidly spread, utilizing small crevices in your carpeting and furniture to breed. While ticks are typically an outdoor issue, once a tick is brought inside your home it will aggressively try to find and attach itself to a host.
Most pets typically travel indoors and out, and without protection from fleas and ticks, they will quickly become a problem if no steps are taken against them.
When you give Haynes Pest Control a call, we’ll assess your situation and the severity of your flea and tick infestation. Our central Florida team will recommend a treatment option we feel is best for your pets and property. Don’t hesitate to take recurring preventative measures, either. We’ll work with you to come up with an effective treatment plan that is safe for your pets and family and will provide a superior level of protection.