New Construction Termite Pre-treatment for Florida Homeowners


Hi, everyone! Welcome to Bug Talk. I’m
your host Ryan Haynes and I am here to
tell you what you need to know about
pre-construction termite treatments.

The first thing you need to know is
termites are a big problem especially
here in Florida. Each year termites
cause millions of dollars worth of
damage. Homeowners can spend a
significant amount of time and money
treating termites and repairing damage.
Treatments are tailored to the type of
termite infestation the homeowner is

There are three main groups of termites
in Florida; the drywood, damp wood and

subterranean termites. Each colony can
have millions of termites. Most often
people do not realize there is a problem
until the termites start to swarm. When
termites swarm, it’s alarming.

There are a few options for termite
treatments. The two most common
treatments are fumigation and a
subterranean termite treatment.
Fumigation, also known as tenting, is
typically done to treat drywood termites.
Treatments for subterranean termites
include digging a trench around the
residence and drilling through concrete
along the perimeter of the home. A
termiticide is then injected into the
ground under the foundation.

Pre-construction treatments are a
proactive measure done during the
construction process. The goal is to
prevent a future termite infestation.
Termites can cause significant
problems. The pre-construction
treatment is the first line of defense for

There are a few different options for
pre-construction termite treatments. The
most common in Florida is the soil
treatment. This treatment consists of
treating the soil with a termiticide prior to
the foundation being poured. A barrier is
created using this method to help
prevent the termites from entering the

Other pre-construction termite
treatments include treating the wood
framing with a specific termiticide or
termite baiting system. Either option
can help deter termites but do not
include a foundation spray. If a termite
baiting station is installed, bait stations
are strategically placed around the
perimeter of the structure. The baiting
stations include small pieces of wood
treated with a termiticide. Bait stations
are designed to attract and eliminate
termites prior to infesting the structure.

Pre-construction termite treatments help
to prevent termites from invading from
the start. It also helps to provide peace
of mind for many homeowners in a cost

effective way. Pre-construction
treatments should be followed by a
yearly termite inspection to make sure
there is no termite activity present. Just
as a pre-construction treatment deters
termites, knowing the signs of termites
and working with a professional will help
keep your home protected from

If you are building a home and you need
a pre-construction treatment don’t forget
to give us a call.

Thank you for joining us today.
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